About Nostalgia Tattoo:

Nostalgia Tattoo is owned and operated by artist Marc Chislett who has been tattooing in Guelph since 2007. Alongside his trusty companion Gerardo aka "G" they make some of the areas best Traditional, Neo-traditional and Japanese tattoos.


Nostalgia tattoo prides itself on clients having a small personal experience. Unlike big chain tattoo shops, there is no secretary, no manager, just the artist you see when you enter the shop, and artists you talk to when you email.


We are a disposable only shop. Meaning everything we use comes sterilized and prepackaged. Needles and tubes are opened in front of you, and disposed of after use.


Currently we are by appointment only. Please go to the contact page to submit your inquiries.

Pricing :

We are competitively priced at $150/hr with a minimum price of $100. The minimum price gets you a half hour of work or less which is about the size of the top of a pop can. Our hourly price is reserved for larger pieces. You cannot combine 2 people for the minimum price, it's $100 per person minimum. 


All Booking is to be made online via the contact page. Please fill out the form and send us as much information as you can to move the process along quickly. If it is a larger piece and will require you to schedule an in person consult so we can take a tracing and talk about it in more detail. Please include in your email reference photos and a detailed description so we have a good idea of the tattoo you are trying to get.

Stay up to date:

Our website is not updated very frequently. To stay up to date with our latest tattoos, events, and contests check us out on Instagram or Facebook.